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Madrid center Hostels

Hostal La Fontana

Environment and Social Responsibility

Dear Guests,

In the Hostal La Fontana we are aware of the current situation of our planet, and therefore we have chosen to follow an environmental policy measures which contribute to environmental protection. Below we detail some of the actions that help us take better care of our surrounding environment:

  • All personnel recycle every day: paper, glass, plastic, batteries, ink cartridges, etc. and other debris. At the end of the day each product is moved to its corresponding container having the City of Madrid in the area.
  • We collaborate with Ecopilas Foundation for environmental management of batteries. If you need to change the batteries in your electrical devices, contact our staff before throwing old.
  • All shower faucets and sinks carry water flow metering.
  • To help protect our "green" space, we try to look their best plants found in the rooms, and also we have within our building.
  • We accept the booking confirmation in electronic format (phone, tablet, laptop) without needing to print sheets with confirmation, thus helping to protect the environment.
  • Always we try to use light bulbs lighting in our facilities.
  • In cleaning the hostel and use biodegradable products with neutral pH.
  • At the foot of the email, in the card of the hostel and the hostel all documents we asked for the maximum collaboration with the environment.
  • All possible paper is recycled at the reception.
  • We are active members (providing a monthly fee) of Protection of Animals and also accept pets. (National Association for the Defence of Animals, S.O.S. Felina Felinae, Elrefugio)
  • To our beautiful and original decoration we also used recycled materials.
  • Although they are beneficial to our health, drugs are very harmful to nature. So if we throw in the trash or down the drain, they harm the environment and contaminate our soil and our waters. Therefore, we do not throw the remains of drugs or containers in the trash or by disgorging but take them to one of the pharmacies in our area where you can deposit and dispose of safely.
  • Caring for the environment is a matter of culture and we must all learn something new every day.

social responsibility of La Fontana Madrid: The health of people around the globe

We are aware of the current or future difficult situation for many populations of all continents, and seek to sensitize and educate Spanish society about the need to provide assistance to populations in crisis situations, without discrimination based on race, religion or political ideology.

The Hostal La Fontana has decided to give a permanent economic contribution through Doctors Without Borders (MSF), ie, having a gesture of solidarity whose sole purpose is to preserve life and alleviate the suffering of other human beings on the planet in times of emergency whoever they are and wherever they are.

MSF was founded in Paris in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists, and since then his humanitarian work has not stopped growing, which earned him the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.

On several occasions when it has requested special help, for example, we have been present also sending through extraordinary contributions and will continue to do to the best of our ability.

Join Doctors Without Borders! Help save lives !!!

Hostal La Fontana, our hostel "Eco-Friendly".

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